project #10 | entropy

entropy – the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system, the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder

photography – Vlad Andrei @vladandrei___

styling – Anca Staruiala @ankstaruiala

makeup – Iulia Ene @iuliaaamariaaaaa

model – Andreea Friptu @andreeafrp at @attitudemodels

studio – Q Photo Studio Bucharest – @qphotostudio

on the cover the model is wearing Blazer Noir Key Ninomiya, Entrance Store; Jeans Zara; Pants Adidas Originals; Cap Balenciaga; Eyewear Retrosuperfuture, Entrance Store; Belt Diesel; Sneakers Adidas; 

Top Adidas Originals; Dress Ana Radu; Vintage necklace; Vintage earring;

Tank top Feels Wear; Belt Hedare; Skirt Noir Key Ninomiya, Entrance Store;

Jacket Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, Entrance Store; Jeans Balenciaga X Adidas; Bodycon jumpsuit LYF; Sneakers Nike; Earrings Zara;

Corset Rue Ra; Pants Adidas Originals; Cap Balenciaga; Earrings Zara;

Dress Uma Wang, Entrance Store;

Track jacket Y-3, Entrance Store; Dress Ana Radu; Corset CYCLEDERROR

Top Adidas Originals; Dress Ana Radu;

Blazer Noir Key Ninomiya, Entrance Store; Jeans Zara; Pants Adidas Originals; Cap Balenciaga; Eyewear Retrosuperfuture, Entrance Store; Belt Diesel;

Track jacket Adidas Originals

Jeans Balenciaga X Adidas

Hoodie Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, Entrance Store; Dress V:PM Atelier;

project #9 | siren song

life as a myth and the transition from fantastic to hollow urban 

Photography: Vlad Andrei @vladandrei__

Model: Raluca Ghita @ralucaandreea55 at One Models Romania @onemodelsromania

Styling: George Iorgulescu @geoiorul

Hair: Alexe Caraman @alexecaraman

Makeup: Iulia Ene @iuliaaamariaaaaa

Location: Q Photo Studio @qphotostudio

on the cover the model is wearing a Lucian Arsene oversized scarf and a Gheorghe corset

Ciotec Dress

VIDIN WAS TAKEN denim jacket, OMRA trouses, Maison Margiela boots

Fred Perry vintage crop top, Billabong pants, Rick Owens boots

SCAPADONA coat and flats, GHEORGHE jeans, Saint Laurent wooden bangle

Lucian Arsene top

SCAPADONA shirt, CIOTEC crochet bra


LUCIAN ARSENE crystal top, custom made hoodie dress

Ioana Ciolacu top, Lucian Arsene belt, VIDIN WAS TAKEN jeans

OMRA dress, Mussels and Muscles earring

CIOTEC crochet bra, IOANA CIOLACU skirt

OMRA sequined coat

Latex Overall by Hilke Muslim

project #8 | the lives of others

DECAY project #8 | the lives of others

a visual research into otherness

photography by Vlad Andrei @vladandrei___

styling and art direction by George Iorgulescu @geoiorul

hairstylist Alexe Caraman @caramanalexe

model: Eliza at One Models Romania @eliza_ioana_official @onemodelsromania

special thanks to Lightaholic Studios Bucharest @lightaholicstudios

on the cover the model is wearing a custom made pantent leather top, skirt Lenca, fan Temu

Dress Norina St, stockings Ann Summers, faux leather fan Gheorghe

faux leather cape Gheorghe

crystal dress Norina St, jumpsuit ATU Body Couture, gloves Ioana Ciolacu

dress Lenca, headpiece Dinu Bodiciu, stockings Savage x Fenty, shoes Humana Vintage

full outfit Abuburuzan, chocker custom made, sandals Zara

dress Norina St, glove Ioana Ciolacu, headpiece Dinu Bodiciu, socks Calzedonia, shoes Humana Vintage

bag by ATU body couture

dress Rhizome, necklace earrings from stylist’s wardrobe

dress ATU Body Couture, umbrella Abuburuzan

velvet set Ioana Ciolacu, mask by Dinu Bodiciu

lace jumpsuit Rhizome, custom made sunglasses

faux leather cape by Gheorghe

project #7 | absolute future

absolute – viewed or existing independently and not in relation to other things, having no restriction, exception, or qualification

future – time that is to come

This project is featuring Paula Cioltean/One Models Romania, is styled by Amir Dobos, hairstyle by Alexe Caraman, makeup by Mihaela Cherciu and photographed by Vlad Andrei.

On the cover the model is wearing Bottega Veneta wool coat, Mengotti store; cotton tank top by Dion Lee & sunglasses by Balenciaga, Aparterre store. Necklace worn throughout by ATU Body Couture and rings by Simone Rocha, Aparterre store.

Wool blazer by Balenciaga, Mengotti store; leather boots by MM6 Maison Margiela, Entrance store. 

Vest and trousers by Rick Owens and leather boots by Marsell, Entrance store.

Spandex body and leggings by Mugler, boots by Bottega Veneta, Mengotti store; silver earrings and

rings by Obsidian

Jumpsuit by ATU Body Couture

Wool and silk jacket by Rick Owens, Entrance store; tulle dress by Murmur.

Wool dress by Off-White, Entrance store; sunglasses by Bottega Veneta, Aparterre store.

Wool blazer by MaxMara; jeansby R13, Entrance; pearl belt by ATU Body Couture; PVC boots by Bottega Veneta, Mengotti store. 

Tulle corset by Maison Margiela, Entrance; cotton trousers by Simone Rocha, Aparterre; patent leather slingbacks by MaxMara. 

Wool knitted jumper by Maison Margiela and leateher boots by Marsell, Entrance store.

Special thanks to Entrance Store, Mengotti, Aparterre, ATU body couture, Obsidian and Ruera

issue #6 | swan song

A swan song refers to an “ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song just before their death since they have been silent (or alternatively not so musical) for most of their lifetime.”

Tatiana is wearing a trench by Junya Watanabe, Entrance Store,

photographer: Vlad Andrei
stylist: Anca Staruiala
makeup&hair: Tania Cozma
model: Tatiana @ One Models Romania

Vintage belt,
Hoodie R13, Entrance Store
Coats Feels-Wear,
Loro Piana vintage,
Eyewear Polarizen X Laura Giurcanu,
Shoes Zara
Jacket Gore-Tex,
Scarf H&M
Cap Rip Bananas,
Jacket Gore-Tex,
Dress Chou Chou vintage,
Scarf H&M
Cap Rip Bananas,
Socks H&M
Shoes Zara
Blazer vintage
Jacket Ellese vintage,
Scarf H&M
Eyewear Gucci vintage
Choker Atu Body Couture,
Shirt R13, Entrance Store
Vintage skirt,
Cap Rip Bananas,
Jewellery Zara
T-shirt Lacoste, Check Vintage & More Store
Eyewear Nerv,
Balaclava The Hug X X Robert Ratiu X Noemi Meilman
Trench Junya Watanabe, Entrance Store
Jeans Levi Strauss,
Shoes Zara

issue #5 | the kids are alright

A visual research into the coming of age of the fascinating first digital native generation.

Photography: Vlad Andrei

Stylist: Flaviana Isachi

Model: Ami Florea @ One Models

Makeup Artist : Mihaela Cherciu

Accessories: 128lanturi
Jumpsuit: Aura Puerava
Puffer Jacket: Ioan Adam, Dotty Ballerina leggings and shirt
Shirt: Axente
Suit: Ioana Ciolacu, Bag: Atelier Resolved, Hoodie: Axente, Acessories: 128lanturi
Skirt: Vivienne Westwood from Dotty Ballerina, Faux Fur: Ander Bishhe, Shirt: Axente
Corset, bodysuit and boots: Axente

future | issue #4

The golden age of fashion imagery is associated with a polished aspirational dreamy universe that made sense at the time. As we grew more aware of fake everything a new visual grammar started to emerge. Connected to our authentic reality and everydayness.

Photography: Vlad Andrei

Stylist: Anca Staruiala

Model: Anisa Mustafa @ MRA Models Agency

Makeup: Tania Cozma

Hair: Xenia Kerekes @ Endorphin Lab

M.Marquise pearl body
Kendall&Kylie T-Shirt, Manuri Crystal mesh dress, ARSENE LUCIAN ALEXANDRU trousers
Arsene Lucian Alexandru Crystal Suit
LYF corset, Gerard Darel Jeans
OMRA dress
DITA Sunglasses

ars poetica | issue #4

Shielded but vulnerable. High and low. Carefully crafted and improvised. Personal and public.

Photography: Vlad Andrei

Stylist: Ovidiu Buta

Model: Ioni Guraliuc @ ONE Models

Makeup: Mihaela Cherciu

Hair: Oana Ilie

Location: Q photo studio

coat Pas du Tout, trousers BALENCIAGA, sandals GINISSIMA
dress Alberta Feretti, backpack MOSCHINO
sweater PRADA, hat DECORINA
sweater BALENCIAGA, trousers and shoes PRADA, bag WEEKEND BY MAX MARA
blouse BLUMARINE, skirt PHILOSOPHY, sandals HARDOT
sweater PRADA, hat DECORINA
jacket DIESEL, cape CHAOTIC

Issue #4 | the reckoning

Accelerated by the pandemic, the digital future of fashion and culture is here. 

Letting go of the romanticized traditional formats and workflows of fashion imagery was delayed for as long as possible.

Until now.

DECAY is a visual journal of this change.

Ana Ularu & Marc Rissmann
I had worked with both of them before. 
They were incredible to work with and I wanted to work with them again in a different context. 
Accomplished actors and artists we share a passion for film photography and old cameras. 

This is an unscripted raw and real performance, in the harsh sun at the end of the first lockdown period of the pandemic.

All photography by Vlad Andrei

Styling by Amir Dobos

Hair by Alexe Caraman

Makeup by Mihaela Cherciu

Right: dress by MaxMara, Gloves and Printed Leggings by Axente, Balenciaga shoes
Wool blazer by Seen Users, feather satin corset by LUNE
Printed trench by BURBERRY. Pants by Seen Users
Deconstructed vest by AXENTE, skirt and trousers by SEEN USERS, silk shirt by BURBERRY
Junya Watanabe trousers.
Pleated dress by BALENCIAGA, printed jumpsuit by SEEN USERS, corset by AXENTE
Right suit by LYF Design, sneakers Maison Margiela
Blouse and pants MaxMara, Dress LYF Design
Corset LUNE, pants by SEEN USERS
Video directed and edited by Vlad Andrei
Dop and camera operator Marius Dobrescu
Outfit Maison Margiela, Pleats Please Issey Miyake
A collaboration with Entrance store.
Read an interview with Ana and Marc by journalist Diana Colcer here
Outfit MM6 Maison Margiela, Noir Kei Ninomiya, Off-White
Outfit Rick Owens
Outfit Rick Owens, Junya Watanabe
left: Outfit Rick Owens, Junya Watanabe right:  Noir Kei Ninomiya, Pleats Please Issey Miyake
Outfit R13, Barbara Bologna
left:Outfit MM6 Maison Margiela, Off-White
Outfit MM6 Maison Margiela
Outfit Off-White, Pleats Please Issey Miyake
Special thanks to Anca Romanescu at Punk PR, Izvor de Golf, Entrance Store, and designer Vlad Sulea

DECAY Magazine | visual research

A Magazine by photographer Vlad Andrei and designer Laura Gherman

DECAY Magazine is the result of our visual research into the new identities of the digital age. contact [@]